Common Tools Used in Construction and Building Work

Construction and building works include woodworks, concrete floor works, leveling, slab works, plastering, and laying bricks. You require tools to perform these tasks and tools to protect you from injury while building. Every tool is essential in completing a project. The following are some of the crucial tools used in construction.


A crowbar can perform many tasks such as breaking things, removing root trees from the ground, and removing nails.

Drill Machine

A drilling machine is a tool generally used to make round holes and drive fasteners. Depending on the application it is applied on, you can fit it with either a driver or a drill.


After plastering concrete surfaces, one uses a float to smoothen them. It is made of wood and contains a handle on top while the smooth surface is on the bottom.

Hand Saw

For any woodwork task you want to perform, a hand saw is a must-have tool. It cuts the wood into various pieces and shapes.

Safety Helmet

A safety helmet is essential in any construction work. During the construction of tall structures, objects accidentally fall from above and hit people on the head. Helmets help to prevent such head injuries.

Sledge Hammer

A sledgehammer is a large hammer with a mallet head. It is long to enable one to hold it with both hands. Because of its power, it is used to demolish and break stones.


A spade is used to dig up trenches. It has a long wooden handle attached to a metal plate.

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is a flexible ruler used to measure length, width, and thickness during construction.

Wheel Barrow

A wheelbarrow is used to transport heavy materials such as bricks, cement, and sand in construction sites


A chisel is used in both woodwork and concrete. It is used to remove bumps on wood surfaces.